Female Motivational Speaker

Anita is a professional speaker with a passion for empowering others and inspiring real, positive change.

Enriching Lives & Evolving Minds

Keen to use her knowledge and experience to help others, Anita is a regular speaker at self-development workshops, charity fundraisers, and community events.

From female empowerment, to diversity and inclusion, to modern philanthropy and self-development, Anita speaks passionately on subjects close to her heart. Her award-winning charity work has led her to deliver key speeches and presentations at various influential events, including BAME International Women’s Day Speaker Showcase, World CRS Day, and Blue Cow Empowerment Day for Women.

01Goal Setting

Hosted by the Hermaj Goyal Foundation, Anita delivers regular workshops on mindset, goal-setting and vision boards. Open to families of all ages and backgrounds, these workshops bring people together to identify, pursue and achieve their goals.

02Female Philanthropy

As CEO and trustee of multiple charitable organisations, Anita regularly speaks on the subject of philanthropy. Known for her hugely influential work tackling Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and human trafficking, she shares her knowledge and personal insights on a wide range of topics surrounding diversity, equality and female empowerment.

03Personal Development

Anita is the proud founder of Enrichment Experiences in Education, a self-development programme delivering crucial life skills teaching in UK schools. Her workshops help young people to learn resilience, build self-confidence, and develop essential social and emotional tools.

04Empowering Women

Anita is passionate about empowering women to make positive changes in their career, habits and relationships, particularly those from diverse backgrounds. Through a series of pro-bono seminars and workshops, Anita has helps hundreds of women to overcome internal barriers, make empowered decisions and practice positive self-reflection. 

05Book Talks

Anita’s charity book, Voices from Punjab, tells the stories of fifteen Punjabi women in the UK who have succeeded against the odds. Designed to inspire younger generations, Anita’s Book Talks explore the inspirations behind her book, the incredible stories it tells, and the Punjab livelihood project it supports.


Voices from Punjab

Fifteen women. Fifteen inspirational stories. From award-winning leaders and inspirational philanthropists, to ordinary women who have embraced British life, a range of Punjabi women all share personal stories of racism, gender inequality and the partition of India and Pakistan.


Charities That I Work With

From menstrual dignity to dementia care, Anita works closely with a range of UK charities to support the causes close to her heart.